Fast Boats Gamepass

Demand: Medium
Trend: Stable Icon for the Fast Boats Gamepass pet in Blox Fruits

Beli Values


Icon for Beli in Blox Fruits 24,000,000

Item Information

The Fast Boats Gamepass is a Gamepass rarity gamepass in Blox Fruits. It is currently valued at 24,000,000 Beli.

There is currently medium demand for the Fast Boats Gamepass. That means there are some players trading for this gamepass, but not lots.

It can be purchased from the in-game shop for 350 Robux. It allows the user to access the Luxury Boat Dealer, which sells the Speedboat for free, and the Enforcer for 1,000 Beli.

According to our estimates, the value of this gamepass is currently stable, so the price not expected to change much.